About Teco

TECO was established in 1990 by a product takeover from the company LRE medical technology, Munich. In the last 20 years, the company grew constantly every year with new developments and new distribution partners. The company distributes its products worldwide in more than 60 countries and additionally through well-known OEM (private label) partners.

In the beginning, TECO started mainly with two instruments:

  • the Coatron JR., a manual 2-channel coagulometer, which was successfully produced and sold worldwide, also as OEM product for Instrumentation Laboratory, USA under the brandname “MCL-2”.
  • the Coatron F2, a semi-automated coagulometer with automatic pipettors, is mainly produced and sold through SIGMA, USA under the brand name “AccuStasis 5000”.


  • Complete range of Coagulation Analysis with the highest standard and reliability. The new generation of Coagulation instruments with optical detection are here.
  • Test: PT, APTT, TT, FIB, D-Dimer
  • For small and mediate laboratory requirements. Concept is suitable for daily routine work in Coagulation laboratories and hospitals.
  • Three different versions available, depending on number of per day.


instrument Details

Coatron XEcoProTop
Dimensions230 x 148 x 94 mm (l, b, h)
DisplayColored Touch Display 4,3“
Pre-warm temperature37°C
Pre-warm cuvettes (pcs.)102020
Pre-warm reagent 24mm (pcs.)111
Pre-warm reagent 22mm (pcs.)222
Pre-warm reagent 11mm (pcs.)222
Reagent mixing position11
Power values110-240Vac, 50-60Hz / 5Vdc, 3,3A
RS232 (2x)Printer, Barcode reader
USB (2x)Network, Firmware update
BluetoothTECO Cloud, App
Optic / tests
Optic channels124
Wavelength (nm)620 (red)405 (UV)405 (UV)
Global Coag. testsPT, APTT, TT, FIB
Specific Coag. testsindividual factors
Chromogenic Coag. testsAT, PC
Latex based testsD-Dimer
Whole blood testsPT-B

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