Electro Analyzer

Core Technologies

A cutting-edge electrochemical detection technology platform
designed to deliver next-generation diagnostic devices.

What We Do:

Eaglenos specializes in developing diagnostic devices tailored for home care and bedside testing. From acute care blood testing meters, to self monitoring systems and wearable devices for chronic diseases, our product lineup includes blood gas biochemical analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, versatile meters for blood glucose, lactate, β-Ketone, and uric acid, continuous glucose monitoring devices, and premium test continuous glucose monitoring devices, and premium test.

Our Strength:

Eaglenos electrochemical technology is distinguished by its unparalleled sensitivity, stability, rapid detection times, and minimal sample requirements. It seamlessly incorporates intricate functional elements from analytical laboratories into compact devices, ensuring an expeditious and user-friendly experience.

Our Commitment:

At Eaglenos, we take immense pride in our commitment to quality and innovation. To date, we have been awarded with numerous certifications, including ISO system certification, 14 NMPA certificates, 3 FDA record certificates, and 13 CE certificates.