Single Channel Pipette

  • Triple Speed Turbo Dial
    1 rotation of triple turbo dial is equal to 3.5 rotations of the push-button dial. Quite speedy even when making large volume changes.
  • Light stroke, Less Fatigue
    Light stroke and easy handling reduce repetitive stress on the thumb
  • Slim Body, Easy to Grasp
    Thanks to its slim body, those who have small hands can easily grasp it, and it realizes stable dispensing.


  •  Autoclavable bottom parts
  • The nozzle cone and eject cone can be taken off and autoclaved.
  • O-rings and seal rings can be left in nozzle cone – they are autoclavable.
  • The nozzle cone can be autoclaved as well. 
  • Nozzle cone can be autoclaved with together them.

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