Optical Coagulation Analyzer OCG-102

Wondfo Optical Coagulation Analyzer, used together with the test reagents, delivers quick lab-quality results that support clinical decisions in cardiology, surgery, and intensive care.

The first POCT coagulation analyzer that can test PT/INR, APTT, TT, FIB, and ACT.

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ItemSample TypeSample VolumeMeasuring RangeClinical Reference
PT citrated venous whole blood,
capillary whole blood 
20μL7-90 S10-14 S
APTT18-120 S22-38 S
TT10-90 S14-20 S
FIB1.5-6 g/L2-4 g/L
ACT50-600 S80-140 S



1. Screening test to assess the exogenous and endogenous coagulation system function
2. Monitoring anticoagulant treatment
3. Monitoring thrombolytic therapy
4. Monitoring the patient with certain disease, such as hepatopathy, infection, burn injury


Reaction Temperature37°C±0.5°C
Environmental ConditionTemp. 15°C~35°C, Humidity10%-90%
StandardCE, NMPA
ApplicationER, ICU, Operating Room, Ambulance, Warfarin Clinic

SOP of Wondfo Optical Coagulation Analyzer

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