Metrolab 1600 DR

It counts with numerous benefits that make it useful for any kind of laboratory. It can work as the main reading device of a small or emergencies laboratory, or as “backup” device of an automated laboratory of bigger size.

It has been designed to work in the most demanding conditions and with minimum maintenance cost. Operations that usually require from technical support (lamp replacement, alignment, access to the peristaltic pump) have been simplified so that they can easily be performed by the user.

This device counts with a built-in printer and an innovative system that makes it possible to work with a thermostated micro flow cell or macro and semi-micro cuvettes. The cuvettes for measurement can be used instead of the micro flow cell for those potentially contaminating reagents (e.g. creatinine).It is capable of storing 132 open techniques and 30 calibration curves. It covers all the determinations carried in a routine laboratory.

  • Whith innovative “stand by system” and automatic turn off allow its electronics parts to last longer.
  • Open system. Suggested applications for the most usual reagents.


  • Halogen quartz lamp 6V-10W.
  • Range: -0.5 – 3.5 Abs.
  • 9 Interference filters positions: 340, 405, 450,505, 550, 580 and 620 nm.
  • 2 free positions available.

Detection System

  • Photodiode 320-1000 nm.

Aspiration system

  • Peristaltic pump driven by stepper motor.
  • Programmable volume up to 500 ul.
  • Carry over <2% for volume > 400ul.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle.

Temperature control

  • Adjustable to 25°C, 30°C and 37°C. Stability +/- 0.1°C.
  • End point with sample or reagent blank.
  • Kinetics.
  • Two points Kinetics.
  • Mono and bichromatic measurements.
  • Reaction graphics.
  • Linearity checks
  • Standard or Factor.
  • Factor storage in all methods.
  • Nonlinear curve fitting. Up to 10 standard points.
  • Automatic adjustment.

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