Labonacheck A1c

  • HbA1c Analyzer
  • Model No. MH 200
  • This is a manual type of analyzer for measuring hemoglobin A1c concentration in the blood by analyzing the intensity of light reflected from the measurement area, and it is an in vitro diagnostic device that is used professionally in hospitals and clinical laboratories.

Key Features

  • Try drop of blood using capillary tube 6.2% sec.
  • Immediate results available within 7 sec. (Total Assay Time: 3 min.)
  • High quality boronic acid affinity principle
  • 3.5″ Full Color Touch Screen High resolution GUI(graphic user interface)
  • Built-in Thermal Printer Easy management
  • Voice Guide & Instruction Guide to procedures for accurate testing
  • Automatic Tray Loading

Test Procedures

  • Blood sample preparation
  • Hemoglobin precipitation
  • Apply R1, R2 solution
  • Initiate automatic tray
  • Insert the cartridge
  • Read the result

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