• Complete range of Coagulation Analysis with the highest standard and reliability. The new generation of Coagulation instruments with optical detection are here.
  • Test: PT, APTT, TT, FIB, D-Dimer
  • For small and mediate laboratory requirements. Concept is suitable for daily routine work in Coagulation laboratories and hospitals.
  • Three different versions available, depending on number of per day.


instrument Details

Coatron XEcoProTop
Dimensions230 x 148 x 94 mm (l, b, h)
DisplayColored Touch Display 4,3“
Pre-warm temperature37°C
Pre-warm cuvettes (pcs.)102020
Pre-warm reagent 24mm (pcs.)111
Pre-warm reagent 22mm (pcs.)222
Pre-warm reagent 11mm (pcs.)222
Reagent mixing position11
Power values110-240Vac, 50-60Hz / 5Vdc, 3,3A
RS232 (2x)Printer, Barcode reader
USB (2x)Network, Firmware update
BluetoothTECO Cloud, App
Optic / tests
Optic channels124
Wavelength (nm)620 (red)405 (UV)405 (UV)
Global Coag. testsPT, APTT, TT, FIB
Specific Coag. testsindividual factors
Chromogenic Coag. testsAT, PC
Latex based testsD-Dimer
Whole blood testsPT-B

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