5000L Filter Tip

Watson’s “Hyper-Filter tip” adopts a special hydrophobic porous filter to prevent overflow caused by human errors.

Decreasing elution from the filter

Hyper-Filter has excellent chemical resistance, thus the sample which has been erroneously over-aspirated and touched the filter can be re-used in safety.

Stop sample overflow and contamination

In a comparison of Watson’s Hyper-Filter Tips with other brands(when aspirating 60 µL with 20 µL filter tip), Watson brand Hyper-Filter tip completely prevents the sample overflow due to our highly dense filter in one minute after the solution has been absorbed.

Pipette tip Compatibility

  • Watson NEXTY/NEXTY-S 500-5000 µL / 5000 µL (F)
  • Gilson Pipetman P-5000
  • Socorex Acura 0.5-5 mL

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