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Lab Medikal Solutions a new young emerging marketing and distribution company working in the field of Diagnostics & Life Sciences was incorporated in 2011 by a young professional team having more than a decade of experiences in the relevant fields of finance, marketing product and rich customer/market knowledge.
In the early year of inception company is focusing on providing complete range of routine clinical laboratory solutions with a setp by step approach to add instrumentation segment for POCT, immunoassays, Hematology , Microbilogy and the most crucial segment of molecular biology. The company is eyeing on achieving and maintaining a three digit growth figure in the next five years with an eye to become a single digit ranking company by the end of 2020. Our offices are located at Islamabad, Karachi and sub distributors in all major citites including the neighboring market of Afghanistan.

The company has ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation

What We Do?

Boost Your Business

We can boost your business through bringing new and improved products and services, increase efficiency and, most importantly, improve your profitability.

Support & Services

Today, Lab Medikal solutions still offers that same quality support & services even though we have diversified into many other areas of medical products and services.

Best Business Statitics

Today, Lab Medikal still offers that same quality product & services, our main focus is best business opportunities for our customers.

Sucessfull Stats About Us

What We have Achieved so far


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Lab Medikal’s core belief in reliability, quality and customer service remains unchanged. We carry these values forward every day. As we developed, we recognized that many of customers wanted and deserved better medical equipment conditions in their operating rooms. This realization led to distribution growth of new medical equipment and products for a variety of manufacturers.


Alliances with world leading principals


We know that our success stems from the quality of service


Commitment is the driving force that leads us to next milestone.


We know that our success stems from the Reliable of service.

Our Scope of Work includes

Routine and special consumables/reagents supplies to clinics and labs


Strong financial discipline

Core Values


To become a company admired by its customers due to its Quality products and commitment.


Focusing on a strategic apporach for achieving our goals by providing outstanding products and services to our customers round the clock.


LMS is governed by our set of principles which value

  • Professionalism,
  • Integrity,
  • Accountability,
  • Knowledge
  • Rapport


At Lab Medikal Solutions we are committed to Quality, Progress and Leadership in the products and services that we offer.

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At Lab Medikal Solutions we are committed to Quality, Progress and Leadership in the products and services that we offer.

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We are also dedicated to achieving Service Excellence and Scalability in the services that we offer.